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F*ck! Dr.Drew & hln

Tonight topic the N-word on the naive Dr.Drew show…
Listen muhfuckas , it’s a simple explanation who can say it & use it and the consequences for none blacks that uses the N-word.
One muhfucka on his show said” it’s only used as a derogatory remark” That is a total lie… People of color use it for simple greetings… The word probably is inappropriate but it’s used…
Muhfuckas,yes it is used among ourselves… We don’t fight each other over the word, but DARE other nationalities that aren’t of color to say that! We never said it’s okay among ourselves. But most times it’s acceptable among our own… It’s been used in a way of endearment for us by us… Not white folks,try using it and you’ll see a gruesome result… Nigga, isn’t used the same way others say it at us. We plays with it too… We can say nigga you can’t…
White folks have cultural terms they used amongst themselves that will offend them if a person of color use it towards them in a derogatory manner… So,I’m gonna say it in this manner as an example: I’m about to use it in a way meaning shut the fuck up!
Nigga,fuck you!
This is said without prejudice, meaning no racial barrier , color wasn’t intended…Only use to say ” shut the hell up!”.   I’m tired of you niggas believing everybody can say it… No, you can’t.But anybody we chose to call the N-word we do… White people better not use it ever where we can hear it… Cause nigga, I’ll fuck you up, addressing a white person.
I hate when a so-called educated muhfucka act like they don’t know what to say or not…



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