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Step children.ijs

Loyalty to the step parent has to be taken into consideration before dating someone with children…
Blood is thicker than a step parent/s …You can’t change nature ,children show favoritism to their biological parent/s… But,as a parent you still had to discipline that child, step parent/s or not… It’s hard on a step parent and child when DNA collide… You can’t make the love of another blood love you… Step parent/s has to earn a child love.The task is possible and promising with unknown conditions ahead… I believe any child that isn’t your biological child can be love unconditionally and treated as yours, because the bond & love develop become a step away from being your child… I really believe taking the word STEP out of the equation… God impregnated Mary, she was engaged to Joseph,he took in that child as his own, not a step child.
So, if a willing parent took on the responsibility wanting to help raise that child ,why are we using the words STEP CHILDREN.IJS




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