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He cheats or cheated

Every man like myself has either cheated before or cheats now… If he hasn’t yet ,he will someday…
It’s no such thing a totally honest man, saved or not until he cheats or cheated… it’s only afterwards he’ll become straight after the cheating is done…
Guys @ one point in life you will retire from cheating… We all do…
The only honest man is a man that hasn’t been caught. So, it’s no proof to say he’s a cheater…  You know the saying ” can’t touch it.It isn’t real ” .I did my dirt & divorced, that’s dirt under the rug. I’ve resurfaced and in a long-term relationship… So far it’s good! Fuck you! Niggas, cause your girl read this and pissed you off… Muhfuckas! I say any muhfuckan thang I want too…
I heard it all, seen it all… Fuck ! What any muhfucka think to say to me out loud,even if it’s cause of something I said. I don’t give a fuck what another man does with his wife/girlfriend if,HE CHEATS OR CHEATED.




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