Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Vengeance is mine

Saith the Lord. I too say ” vengeance is mine”. Except my punishment is not as severe for you guys sake…
It’s muhfuckas sticking their nose into shit that aren’t their concerns,but want to make a public scene undoubtably of course and it’s totally unnecessary. Stupidity! Niggas, always finding blame for their own shameful acts of ignorance…
Fuck em! I stand strongly against any muhfucka abolishing anything to stop progress of helping black people accomplishing higher goals.
Fuck! The opinions of others meaning black people no good…
This behavior is definitely out of character of anything blackish.
We black people ,perfer not to be confuse with your (niggerity) ways of life,like STACEY DASH & her kind…
I liked Stacey, once upon a time ,this is close as it get for me being in the company of her and those that are like her… Fuck you Stacey, respectfully! Lol.
This is pretty much the punishment I meant sense its a public open forum without incriminating myself when I said, “VENGEANCE IS MINE”.





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