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My girl dance

Real shit! Damn! I missed dancing with my girl on our nights out… She’ll be doing some funky shit make a muhfucka get out their seat and grove their way back to the eighties… Soul train shit…
Shannon, “let the music play”.To hear that song now would the best appropriate song right now. She and I on the dance floor “Fucken it up” I get down too.
We would walk into a club & shut that muhfucka down…
Have you ever danced with someone and knew they’re the one… To dance with someone is the action of truth.
The right person will make you look @ the one you with leaving them in question, should I dump this muhfucka & dance with this person to see where we go from here…
The right moves can change your future & flip the bird to your past… Fuck whatcha think,but body language speaks loud, overwhelming everything you been hearing.
The next big party you ready… Look @ me now,you thinking to yourself.
You lame muhfuckas probably can’t understand until you see MY GIRL DANCE.



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