Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Yall quick to say shit

Muhfuckas always snitching at the job place & your priorities are out of order… Dumb!
Bitches late every morning. Muhfuckas handling the product with no care nshit, then got the audacity to snitch…How fucked up is that.
Here’s the killer,these same two-faced muhfuckas is first to greet you in the morning with the biggest smile.. If betrayed had a face ,it’ll look like them snitching muhfuckas…
Dumb bitches thought they could snitch in secrecy…
How the fuck you expect loyalty when there isn’t none…. Bitch! Duh!
You snitched and think they going to keep your ass a secret…Now your job is in jeopardy,bitches!!! …and you didn’t see it coming, you snitch bitches next…



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