Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

B*tch, interrogating me

True shit! I was called & text after warning the bitch not to contact me… Rude muhfucka without remorse, bad bitch! She read a particular post going through the archives back in 2012 & after all, this time , I forgotten what was blogged, after she finished questioning me in her LOUD voice , finally she revealed the blog she read… Funny thing was that it was a blog my cousin wrote… Lol. She didn’t know my blogs have my signature after every blog …Sly1.

My talented cousin, she doesn’t leave a signature after her blogs…
But,it goes to show how she ruffle up this bitch feathers… That’s good writing when you get that kind of feedback… But,after she found out it wasn’t me… Still no apology from this crazy BITCH, INTERROGATING ME.






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