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Back N da dayz

I was talking with cousin LaHicks, about my generation how we went to clubs long distance from where we lived and did dumb shit, niggerity activity shit… We went to clubs where different nationalities didn’t mean a thing to us…
The conversation was about how we sized muhfuckas up in clubs.We would walk in without hesitation not a second thought…
The mentality was who and how many people can you fuck up in case a brawl broke out…
It was very crucial to know which muhfuckas you had to take out first…
Laughing right now ,thinking when my brother was in town during spring break, we’re out on the town In an upscale community…
The first thing he said after looking around monitoring the room ” bruh, I can fuck them three up & you fuck him up over there”He was a really big muscle bound dude @ the time.He felt he could handle more than one muhfucka than me… Lol,never were we out to fight, but in case we were, you needed to know who to fuck up! That was the mentality of being a tough guy…
That how it was @ the clubs, BACK N DA DAYZ.




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