Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

People living lies

Muhf*ckas does so much to impress those whom you think they are because how they were placed in your life…
The fucked up part is that you’re hated because you truthful nshit…
Careful who you fuck with thinking they a friend & pretending they are loving family…
Remember this, when you’re the honest one, you are hated.
Fuck phony muhfuckas, they will reveal true colors to those they been keeping secrets behind their backs…
It’s going to be a sad day for lying ass niggas when the truth comes out and you were the muhfuckas two-faced as co-conspirators.
It’s fucked up when the joke is on you & you are the authors of the jokes & has let the jokes go on forever.
Forever is near & it’s all going to crumble on you fake muhfuckas.
Glad I keep my distance , cause I know the truth & that the joke is on you niggas…




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