Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Stop thinking!

…which is it niggas? Grind all day or smoke all day… Either or you still don’t got shit… Niggas watch too much BET music videos day dreaming time by , sleeping into the future, unaware you’re still sleeping your life away thinking a weed blunt expands your creativity and thinking ability at the same time eating away at your brain cells & altering your personality into believing you’re someone special… Muhfuckas! Smoke kills…
I trip on niggas living like Kung Fu-Kane , walking the land thirsty still empty hand looking for god only knows what on a journey benefiting nobody not even yourself…
Muhfuckas does shit for attention regardless it makes sense or not. Niggas are a hazard to themselves, self-inflicted pain, thinking nshit… Niggas hallucinating leading to suicidal thoughts… Niggas are beyond in need of psychological help… There aren’t any herbal remedies of any kind to make a nigga feel he’s useful… Please! Niggas before you corrupt us all… STOP THINKING!



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