Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Who you fooling

Sad thing, people try to get you to believe their lies & bullshit. Betrayal!!!
Why is it the muthafuckas doing the dirt tries to act innocent and work hard to change the minds of those known you…
Listen to this shit!
Everybody know the truth about what’s been hidden by your perpetrator, we’re all waiting for the final proof before exposing the liars…
Funny, how a situation arises without any effort on your behalf & the discovery is presented to you. But there are some people want to see justice to those are innocent. People scamming without you aware because the trust of someone you thought was honest.
Now, a team of appointed officials casing these plotted crimes pro bono to resolve a theft you had no knowledge about… You did have some suspicion, but you withdrew from negative thoughts because of the alleged perpetrator.
It’s going to be a sad day for all that are like these characters. Doomsday! A slow death of imprisonment and self-conscious guilt.
The sickening thought, they think they are getting away with crime… Muhfuckas! you all should know all dirt get washed out at some point.
How stupid! Niggas, thinking they can fuck over you…




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