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“We sleep”

“If anybody knocks,tell them we sleep”
We teach kids to lie too.
We call it an excuse for not wanting visitors.
Kids ask why did you tell us to say that? Easily, we’ll respond with ” cause I said so “.
Little kiddy muhfuckas are very inquisitive about what flies out your mouth.
Finally ,you snap with some fucked up shit.
You’ll say some abusing your authority type shit like, ” got damn! Fuck what I say, just do it muhfucka”. Wow! What the fuck was that shit the kid thinking…
Parents can rule a kid with fucked up methods that has no real reasoning other than because they say so.
Lol, we as parents sometimes laugh at our own asses,because we to know that’s some fucked up shit ,sending your kid to the door and muhfuckas can hear you in the house, probably saw you walking through the house before knocking and you told your kid to say






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