Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Wannabe big shots

Phony people are haters, pretending it’s subconsciously, but believing they care about you & your situations showing little concern nshit.
In fact, you are exactly the muhfuckas they flat-out hate.
It’s the distant friends & family they want to care for, impressing those they believe that doesn’t know them as well as we do.
They’ll offer any and everything in their possession to help them…
They are people needing to gain a reputation as the Do-gooders nshit.
Fake muhfuckas! Wanting the world to see them carrying the weight & burdens of others making it their duty being the overseer of friends & family.
Muhfuckas! They always have a hidden agenda working secretly doing dirty shit in their favor, but wanting you to believe what they do is in your best interest… Liars in disguise, camouflaging their evil being & real purpose why they are the wrongful doers they’ve been since birth.
Splurging & bragging what they’ve done for many to expand the pat on the back, especially those that hadn’t asked them shit… Those that needed them are the people they look down on & hate with a passion. They are to feel important by spreading rumors to those they think don’t know of you… You can fool some people, never all the people…
Everybody can’t be bought with your impressive accolades & outstanding public profiles & money… Frankly! Most people don’t give a damn about how you splurge YOUR money, they only use you and stay true to those are like them.
You niggas are in the public WANNABE BIG SHOTS.




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