Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Stupid post

Seriously, you the stupid ones… Grown muhfuckas posting stupid shit and you niggas wonder why I called you niggas.
You muhfuckas posts crazy shit for your own amusement, thinking it’s entertainment.
You are niggas by choice, classified by color… Its solely aimed at black people, tho niggas are in every nationality.
You’ll see niggas posting stupid shit:
Brutal street brawls nshit
Handicaps mishaps for laughs
Drug users under the influence & destructive behavior,shit you find funny!
Niggas post things that are seriously dangerous and harmful & accidental for pleasure and wanting to capitalize on others misfortunes for profit & jokes.
Clown ass niggas doesn’t know what is being humorous.
This is an example why niggas are hated and easy to identify on social media because of their STUPID POST.




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