Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I ain’t listening

Shut the fuck up! This for you hood lecture given fucks talking that preachy shit , you’re no scholar of any kind…
Stop pretending and perpetrating you some intelligent being among humans… Fuck your kind too!!! Muhfuckas remind me of WordPress administration deciding who blogs are more popular than others,claiming yours aren’t better… That’s only an observation,not facts… I know where Trashbaggage blog site rank….  I don’t give one fuck what WordPress or any muhfucka think of Trashbaggage… If, they had any common sense @ WordPress, they’ll pay me to blog and advertise those boring templates… But as you all know as I do… WordPress can’t understand shit from a brothers point of view… I heard there are other members bitching about what I’m saying about their beloved WordPress group of DINGBATS…
Fuck em! Besides, I AIN’T LISTENING.



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