Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Confused b*tches

…you hear bitches demanding shit when in fact they ain’t shit.
Bitches always talking shit like they’ve been further than Walmart in the hood and talking the suburbs.
What’s so annoying about bitches is that they expect top of the line treatment and they are bottom ass bitches without shit. No room to demand nothing from no man.
Stupid bitches don’t know their place.
What muhfucka in their right mind going to take care of a bitch with kids and she doesn’t participate in helping herself & kids.
Begging bitches are blood suckers of the human population.
Broke bitches only have a pussy to offer, so they negotiate it like it’s the NFL draft.
Funny! Why bitches think that any muhfucka want to fuck their nasty infected pussy… Bitches got smelly street hygiene oders.
It’ll take a life time to convert dirty wild ass street bitches into real WOMEN. That’s why niggas don’t want to marry CONFUSED BITCHES.





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