Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I was real drunk too

Niggas in the clubs popping expensive bottles…buy two chicken wings & 1 potato log afterwards…
He’s drunk trying to sober up…He wrecks his rental on the way home ,falls to the ground in a gravel driveway ripping his cheap nylon suit..He vomits on himself & stumble across the house… Nigga goes right to bed comatose.He wakes up next morning not remembering shit that he shoulda….
His homeboy told him everything that was riding shotgun…. He says your girlfriend left sudden & told him exactly how and all he wanted to know… He goes on to say ” nigga you lost your money & wallet ” Then he said a nigga knocked you out throwing you to the ground and gets out the car and piss on you…
Dude asked the homie… Where were you when all this shit happened.
Nigga said” mannnn shit! I don’t remember “.Dammit! Dude,




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