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She’s losing him

I tell women to be helpful, that if, you have a man that’ll break his back for you. You should take care of his needs especially, it’s that simple whereas he’s not asking nothing but to love him and sexually load him up.
Women that don’t suck dick is a woman eventually will get cheated on. Believe it or not… It’s stupid for a woman to think she can’t be replaced sexually… A man may not want to end his relationship with his wife or girlfriend, but he definitely will find what he believes is special… A dick sucking woman that don’t mind trying new shit to enhance his sexual relationship.
Women that are naive always find themselves alone with that immature attitude, never wanting to approach her man with freaky  ideas.
Women that don’t take care of  him to his liken, she’ll be without him sooner than she thinks.
Women say they have a good man & she probably is a good woman cause she cooks & clean. Truth is, men can cook & clean for themselves… No more of that bullshit saying ” to a man heart is through his stomach”.
Women need to know, to a man heart is through his dick…Men want a freak! Not a fucken maid nshit. That’s why SHE’S LOSING HIM.





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