Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Facebook groups

Don’t!!! I repeat, DON’T tag me in your fucked up groups nshit… Stupid shit! Public & private groups that have no significance of any importance.
I don’t give ah fuck about your events or who’s coming to town…
Pay me cash muhfuckas and I’ll announce your asses from here to China in English muhfuckas..Stop wasting my time for fucken photos of weddings nshit and your ugly baby pictures… Yes, babies are innocent, but the truth is you muhfuckas know you got some ugly kids… Fuck it! Call me ugly… especially, if, it’ll help you stomach a new discovery you just learned you got ugly kids. Muhfuckas ! You are ugly too, what did you expect. I’m not going to sugar coat shit.But not letting on to your identity is the only cover up I’ll protect you, other than that, fuck you.
This is the kind of lashing out that’ll stop you muhfuckas from inviting me to shit.
I don’t give a fuck… Fuck you and your FACEBOOK GROUPS.



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