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Whatcha want in a mate

…fuck it! It’s not going to happen. Muhfuckas always looking for the RIGHT ONE & the outcome is a fucken nightmare or Frankenstein muhfucka… But even Frankenstein wanted a fine looking bitch to his liken. He didn’t like that ugly bitch, his bride facial look… But he did like the pretty bitch he was stalking nshit.
Niggas always talking model queen bitch shit, brains are not, don’t matter.
Women want niggas built like the Hulk and able to fuck her like a jackhammer ,these days a nigga don’t need a job to sleep or live with these dumb bitches of today…
If I known they were this elusive in my day,supporting these hoes would have meant only giving them dick and nothing else…
It’s ashamed how niggas walks over these girls and they dumb muhfuckan asses allow this shit to continue and she’s still in love.
Ignorance is no longer meaning ” lack of knowledge “. It’s acceptable to have a ignorant relationship if you’re a youngster or teen. No special trait or an order requisition needed…. Fuck! WHATCHA WANT IN A MATE.



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