Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I will respond

Muhfuckas I ain’t scared of no human…
It’s not a muhfucka on earth I won’t speak my mind too, rather I can articulate or not… I’ll say some off the wall shit if necessary, cause I can… What you muhfuckas don’t understand is that I’ll be professional helping others until you pissed me off… I’ll get straight stupid on ah nigga. I’ll come unglued nshit.
Don’t think because I talk sensible shit,that I won’t turn indignant, because I will ACT a nigga which isn’t a hard task… Niggas,I wish the fuck one of you step to me about what another muhfucka said about me,rather it’s true or false… Fuck you & them… Who you think you are to look down on me or talk shit about me… Don’t think ,I don’t know you muhfuckas, I know you… You niggas aren’t shit to me…
Fuck with me and you’ll see how I WILL RESPOND.




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