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…you’re in a relationship & ready made family, lots of kids & you aren’t the biological father… Why should you get badger by the mother for anything you do to help when you’re actually a volunteer, caring for her & kids. You took it upon yourself in an agreement to take responsibility for all duties and as a step-father to be part of that family.
I find it kind of selfish if any man in this setting and the mother acts unappreciative but claims she appreciates everything that you do.
Here you are working & wanting to help, but she lacks offering you a helping hand with a simple task that probably is only needed once a month giving you hair treatment or a back rub without asking for one… Maybe she’ll consider cooking your favorite dish once a month… But, the right questions may not be asked.
Does she know what are your favorites? Do you know if she really cares what you like?
You ever wondered if she loves you & is she a concerned person when it comes to your interests.
Funny, why would a woman think she can talk shit to you when you can walk away any given moment. Because of her own bullshit, she initiated. Immaturity is one of the biggest argumentative, disagreements and ball breakers in a relationship.If a man is willing to step up in your ready made family. Solidarity!
By all means, you should welcome him and discipline your kids to respect him & you show some love, especially if you’ve accepted him as your man & co-parent. Because, he knows if he isn’t treated respectfully, he can depart peacefully, hopefully.
You can best believe outsiders are hating on any woman with a good man, she’s looking for one or possibly your man and she are willing to buzz in his ears, whispering “YOU AREN’T OBLIGATED TO HER”.




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