Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


Who’s the savor in your house,hood & circle… Every nigga on a corner or that phony caring muhfucka you known all your life close to the family. Muhfuckas! Always claiming to be there for you…
Watch em! They act in the place of your parents & God the two most higher authorities in your life.
Don’t listen to these impostors because they’ll tell you lies ” you know you should have came to me for help “. I know niggas like that and want to look good for everybody at the sametime they slanging mud on your name to the same people in your circle.Friends & family…
Fuck em! It’s ashamed the reasons muhfuckas does so much to try and bring you down to please others as if they are an Angel… One thing forsure you can bet on their day is coming…
Nobody can hide the truth forever… We see you wannabe controlling muhfuckas pretending you care for everybody well-being… Fuck you! You niggas aren’t SAVIORS.





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