Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Frown face

Bitch never happy for shit. Bitch needs Jesus more than anyone. Who does any of you know frowns for nothing just because you might have looked their direction without saying a fucken word?
What a stupidoo! This bitch frowns at the ground and pretends she’s thinking like she has more business than the Obama’s.
Listen yall! Do you know any muhfucka tries to act important, but isn’t important to nobody but want you to acknowledge them while whispering to themselves like they got some HELLAVA shit going on?
Here’s the kicker, you done it all, been everywhere, seen it all before… It’s nothing this bitch does can impress you…
If you told this ignorant bitch to get a life, she’ll be ready for world war three…
I hate a bitch wanting to compete and you didn’t know you were in a competition.
Bitches need to grow up or hustle another corner of another life & time because nobody got time for her stupid shenanigans nshit. Stupid bitch walking around with a FROWN FACE.




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