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See a doctor

You sick & sickly all the time and never want  medical attention,but you rather suffer nshit.
I don’t need to babysit a grown bitch especially that doesn’t want to help herself get well.
We can’t fuck because of all the coughing nshit, it fucks with my dick even if she sneezes .Because that causes her to squeeze my dick tighter with her pussy muscles.
Sex isn’t enjoyable and satisfying fuckin a sick bitch,unless she doesn’t mind I get a nut & she doesn’t.
There are times I have tried to fuck during my sickness and I forced myself to enjoy it,but it was difficult,but I nutted… Nasty ,you so-called goody tu shoe bitches would say,but you bitches no better either with your fucked up dirty hygiene & minds.You bitches also need to SEE A DOCTOR.



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