Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

F*ck! Ancestry .com

That’s the biggest bullshit website for D.N.A findings… People want to know what origin or people they come from.
Black people know where they come from…
Listen to fucken idiots!!!
Africa is the first continent on the earth making it the oldest, God home & chosen people his first creation of humankind.
It’s self-explanatory no need to guess where anyone comes from, everyone comes from black people.it’s simple, there’s your answer history solved, end of search…  White people act so surprised to find that they are mixed with other nationalities which shouldn’t be any surprise, if you go back in history white folks know damn well how they arrived in the natives land and mixed through force of action. No fucking website is needed for the truth which the world has known since the arrival of the white man.




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