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Speaking tongues

I know lots of Christianity believers aren’t going to agree with me, but don’t misinterpret what I’m saying… It’s not hard to find truth in what people or a preacher is teaching, if, it’s the truth… But, don’t try to convince me a gift from God is automatically a gift to others… Like speaking in tongues… You can’t teach an individual to speak in tongues… You can’t give someone a naturally spirited gift and tell them how to orchestrate that gift…  You can’t practice speaking in tongues nor can you teach someone to how to interpret what’s being said… I was told, to talk using Tongues only mean talking in Languages. I say regardless what tongues & how many there might be… Personally, I don’t understand speaking a language I can’t understand myself or to get anybody to understand what I’m saying… I’m just saying, don’t fuckin get angry with me… I’m not Christian or any other religion. I do believe a creator exist higher than man… But, I’m not ready to hear anybody speaking to me and we can’t understand each other. You can bet on it, if, I have something to say it won’t be SPEAKING TONGUES.





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