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Feel the love

…know exactly what love is before claiming you’re in love. Try capitalizing on any mistakes you thought was an act of love, making it right when you find real love. It’s a hard felt life learning & precious process. You can’t expect the advice from others to teach love from a manual script nshit. Love isn’t like a light switch on & off.
It’s funny how muhfuckas say they’re in love but can’t commit, confusing the two differences. Love isn’t lust.
People also believe cause you give them a few dollars and fried chicken wings are an invitation to love. Don’t confuse helping a hungry person & a loan of money is a love of deep commitment. You have to live & breathe love from the soul & heart, love is an emotional feeling of unexplainable feelings for the want of something good at any price by any means necessary, totally unconditional. It’s a contract signed in blood, bonding forever is the intention, never surrender love believing it’s wrong under any circumstances because of a bad situation. Never disconnecting. To love someone else is loving you, how you wish to be love. You can’t love me & don’t love God.
The man isn’t perfect, but the gift of love is perfect. It’s not to have If you can’t give. Love has its natural position , It is up to you how you channel that gift . If, given the chance to know love . Fuck, what others include myself says to expect . Your mind & heart will guide you . Be smart making decisions,endure that special gift with someone & FEEL THE LOVE .



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