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Elders on facebook

Let me clear my throat! Now, listen up oldies. Okay, I get it, you’re older than I am and probably than most of my 190,000 readers & subscribers nshit. Thank you! But, you can’t control the content or context how I use my blogs. I fuckin cuss all the fucking time. Nothing I blog has anything to do with you old geezers nshit. Frankly, I really don’t give ah fuck cause as the song says ” it’s my party “. I’ll talk shit if I want too. Old folks got it bad telling other GROWN folks how to conduct their business. Sorry you old muhfuckas, but I’m not that guy, rather you approve or not. Respect me to get respect or the middle finger to your asses. Keep your old asses off my website if, it’s too vulgar. Shit! My mouth is bad & loud. Fuck, what y’all think.. I don’t warn members of, ELDERS ON FACEBOOK.




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