Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Mad n*ggas

…it’s true! If these sleepy ass niggas ever get mad for the right reasons you’ll see black people given serious thoughts to ban these ignorant niggas together and fight for a worthy cause bringing black people to empowerment, governing ourselves here inside the United states.
Kinda like the KKK, but for a different cause for the betterment of black people, creating organizations with great significants to help all people, especially for those in poverty. It’s a mission to organize black people globally bringing black awareness to others that need to know the original history of the original people… It’s that cultural knowledge that will bring black people up to date forwarding our future into the minds of our youth… That’s a start how you strengthen a nation to independence…
It will come a day for a change, the rise of real MAD NIGGAS.




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