Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

N*ggas are f*cked up!

What the fuck is wrong with these brainwashed muhfuckas… I don’t give a shit how much money you give a nigga after taxes , they will plan their first international vacation in a Scandinavian country…
Stupid niggas will plan a trip everywhere but Africa… Dumbass niggas never want to know their own people, but always interested everywhere else. The same shit that carries over with family members, they’ll go to help outsiders & get angry at you because you need them for support,which you were taught to help each other since you were children… The slave mentality trickles down that won’t allow them to acknowledge their own people. Niggas ,love to impress others,because they can live they life of lies without family around their bullshit of betrayal.
Niggas hate black people because the slave masters taught you to hate yourselves and your own family. His teachings have trickled down to every black generation since the black man feet were forced on the navies land, the Americans stolen.
It’s a gotdamn shame how your own family trashed your name to other family members for the sake of money. When you got family trying to fuck you & wanting other members to buy into their bullshit ,they aren’t no better than the oppressors of black folks since day one… Watch your back cause your own family and race will treat you worse than outsiders , then try to convince others you are the source of wrong doing nshit…
I know, because it’s a well-known muhfucka trying that shit with me & you that has a member/s like I described… NIGGAS ARE FUCKED UP!




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