Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Never again!

I don’t want any kids, I rather fuck crackhead hoes who had a hysterectomy that can’t have kids, pussy for pleasure.I don’t want any more kids.
I don’t want an educated, sophisticated bitch that thinks she knows every fucken thing.
Fuck ! Answering my door just to get interrogated by Jehovah Witnesses
I’ll be goddamn, if I loan the next muhfucka gas money that says, using that historical bullshit line ” I ran out of gas ”  especially when gas is under two dollars a gallon.
Fuck the lottery.I believe when a black person purchases tickets, the cashier punches a census button B for black so that your ticket results say ” sorry not a winner ” I bought my last dollar ticket.
I won’t ever fuck with another bootleg mechanic or buy a bootleg DVD from any muhfucka NEVER AGAIN!



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