Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

My siblings, children and those that are totally loyal to us, it’s nothing we wouldn’t do to keep them safe… It’s so much bullshit going on with friends & family and the so-called trusty ones. It’s hard to determine who’s who these days. Who really has your back? But you do know who back you got. You can’t take the word of muhfuckas you’ve been skeptical and having untrustworthy thoughts. The first law of nature, self-preservation, even that sound a little selfish, but,”it is what it is”.
I’m not going to say your family isn’t worth protecting from the horrors of the world… But for me, because I understand all types of muhfuckas, I believe most family will come to calling if necessary…. I hope nevertheless it doesn’t come to a showdown of a possible  illustration of protecting ones back…  But for us, I believe WE WOULD DIE FOR EACH OTHER.




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