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Meet me online

I use to tell hoes back in the year 1995 Windows 95 was introduced, AOL = America online.
Muhfuckas was cyberspace out like a muhfucka, up all nite in a fucken chatroom begging for a response nshit. Once niggas found out they can reach out and chat with a muhfucka across the world it was on… You go online in a chatroom to find your age group and beg a bitch if, it wasn’t censored… Muhfuckas was hogging timelines nshit with their tags… Constantly repeating bullshit just to show niggas with different tools to draw fancy lines across them bulky ass monitors… No flat-screens at the time…
We even had free diskettes coming to our residential mailboxes without a subscription from AOLto download the messenger… The country was plagued by Microsoft & Steve Case, AOL shit everywhere you looked… If you didn’t have an old white packard-bell computer you weren’t ready for the world… Nigga, we were chatroom junkies with at least 5 screen names & a fucked up screensaver…  Windows 95 ruined marriages and slowed down crackheads, so they sold their computers and brought the crack business back up in its rightful place #1 of 2 drugs the other, AOL. I remember telling muhfuckas MEET ME ONLINE.





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