Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

N*gga you gray

Funny, as a young boy with solid black hair, we use to look for one gray hair to look mature, unlike our friends… They looked really young cause they didn’t have any peach fuss for a mustache… Niggas wanted to look older than they did because of the older girls…
A young boy never wants to look young, girls were always saying to boys they are too young… Which we were, boys of course. Dumbass girls, that was the tease for young girls calling them ugly or dumb. Although we pretend we didn’t like the girls, normal behavior for young boys confusing dislike & shyness.
I always loved girls since I open eyes at birth according to my parents and others that know me well. But as boys to men and grown much older where hair changes colors and facial structure changes, now as older men we want to look younger, Lol…
Now it’s no reason to search for any black hair… I’m constantly reminded until I purchase some hair dye, NIGGA YOU GRAY.



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