Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


Nigga , you must go… I heard her say “nigga you need to leave” , here it is in Spanish “pronto amigo”. Today muhfucka!!!
When you aren’t wanted for you, your deeds & good services, excuse my terms using niggerism… But,(Yous gotsta be gone muhfucka!). “She can’t take it” she says… It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, her laws, rules & ruling without a doubt , you don’t matter anymore, nigga you are out by all means & necessities aren’t nothing to bound you for your stay anymore… Love has expired even though circumstances were unsubstantial evidence why you should go… It’s the era of Nigga, get the fuck out now! She’ll threaten to tell you she’ll put them folks on you (laws)… Wyatt Earp to the rescue. Like Los Angeles police department ,gun in hand before the approach, but enforcing unlawful tactics… Cold world and harder relationships,especially without the terms of policy being implementing.
It’s called commitment… Instead,another statistic.A black woman angry & finished with a black man.
Now she’s just another single mother & he’s another Nigga,don’t act SUPRISE!




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