Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Dead & gone

Treat people the way you would like to be treated , unless you’re used to being abused nshit.
People talk shit to you in such a way you rather disassociate yourself completely, especially family first… Which is stupid because no matter what you ignorant niggas think, family is all you got when the shit hits the fan. You can’t predict how far outsiders will go to bat for you…
The very muhfuckas you cut out are the same muhfuckas you will face in the end… IT NEVER FAILS, stupid niggas… You happy go lucky muhfuckas thinking your friends or more worthy than your own sibling/s … Fools never learn shit… Niggas, look for validation from others that don’t matter , the only reason outsiders show interest in any matter is because you are buying the muhfuckas, to buy-into your bullshit scheme quicker. Get your shit together with your real folks before it’s to late…  Stop! Lying to others how you were this & did that helping people, phony muhfuckas! Then you got so much to tell, as if, it’s your duty after they are DEAD & GONE.



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