Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I am the truth

I don’t have to lie about shit unlike you muhfuckas… What can a muhfucka say without shit to give in this world but the truth…
I don’t have shit worth bragging about… Fuck! The old shit that can’t function as it did when it all was new… I’m old news muhfuckas & nothing to prove.
I was a muhfucka in my day as some of you think you are now… Niggas like you muhfuckas ain’t shit… I see you smart niggas & latest fashionable name brand niggas lying about cost & your knock offs… Fake ass niggas pretending you got it going on and still ain’t shit… Niggas trying to smuggle in lies under their breath about their lives… I really don’t care to associate with most of you profile fabricating niggas. You niggas all are liars,don’t even think about contesting what I said about you muhfuckas, you can’t cause muhfuckas,




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