Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

You got a boost too!

Why muhfuckas think they are better than someone with less fortune.
How is it, because you have more, you’re the spokesperson for everybody that has less success.
Now you play the good samaritan concern for education & equality for all people.
Now, you find ways to make conscious contributions…
Funny, how a nigga claim to be helpful as if they made it on their own, receiving blessings from the fruits of others labor, before handed down….Now you’re looked at as the savior in the crew… Now you talk that same nigga shit as if, everybody is bothering you for fuckin hand-outs. But, you niggas forget you muhfuckas gotten helped just as most people collecting old fashion money from businesses … Don’t deny how the extra wealth landed in you niggas laps. These niggas aren’t better than you, tellĀ  the truth & set yourself free. Nigga, YOU GOT A BOOST TOO!



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