Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Don’t say that Sly1

I will say any got damn thing I want too… Fuck you & the censors… I’ll cuss you muhfuckas using any derogatory, vulgarity language & remarks I perfer… Why not, you could to if, you muhfuckas weren’t so hypocritical and scared…Don’t point at me, if you don’t want me to point directly at you… I’ll pull your hold card ,forcing you to be honest with me,you know you muhfuckas wish to say exactly what you want too.
Muhfuckas fears who might read your online thoughts ,thinking you’ll be in some sort of trouble with the people you associated… You muhfuckas scared you’ll be under scrutiny nshit… I don’t have those fears because I don’t give ah fuck who you are, you muhfuckas aren’t important … Look at the fearful muhfuckas telling me DON’T SAY THAT SLY1



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