Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Let’s do this…

File your complaint now against me, I’ll sit here and wait to hear from you…
But, careful of two things.
1.Be sure I can’t find you.
2.Make sure I don’t know you muhfuckas.
Now continue, because of any negative shit you MIGHT have to say, make sure your house don’t have any Secrets!!!  Because I will reveal them publicly…
Google Maps made it possible to locate any nigga in HIDING…
The result of your insults will probably be detrimental to your health once you’re located…
It’s not polite to poke at people that prefer to remain private and respectable citizens in a hostile cyber community… I would be forced to embarrass you, using your own history of enclosed secrets you thought was safely hidden… I know you muhfuckas! So! Are you sure this is in your best interest to fuck with me? If yes, then LET’S DO THIS…



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