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Fat folks at the buffets

It’s no fucking brainer to understand how most of you get fat . We aren’t talking people with physical conditions causing weight gain or medical conditions for being fat . I’m talking fat back, greasy eating muhfuckas , greedy pork chop , bacon , fried chicken fat . Don’t you hate it when an announcement is being made that a fat person is coming into the buffet . its when you hear them BREATHING on their way entering the buffet . It’s a got damn shame to see a fat person load their plate as if they’re stuffing a bucket nshit . I don’t give ah fuck what you muhfuckas got to say about it . I’m six feet 255 of beef & wildhog . So , I can talk about you pork bellies jiggle muhfuckas .The only difference, I got wind & can still fuck and see my dick & feet although I’m chunky . You fat rat bastards are just fucking waiting for diabetes nshit . This blog is to motivate you obesity knee-knocker fat muhfuckas . I hope you hate this blog enough to look @ your fat ridiculous asses and start exercising without a half of a pound cake shoved in your mouth . So , roll your asses off the couch muhfuckas & hoists  your fat asses on a treadmill to life . Stop being one of those FAT FOLKS AT THE BUFFETS .





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