Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

F*ck! Steve Wilkos

This muhfucka always exploding black people on his show for ratings. He clowns black people in our face for the nation to see. He’s what white folks being doing since slavery. Nurturing off of black people to feed his family. Steve is the real pimp of exportation using his TV show for his plantation. Black people can resolve their issues in-house with the help of black. Organizations.
We don’t need Steve pretending to care for black people, he’s another undercover George Bush. He acts just like the common devilish white man, greet you with his satanic smile then twist the truth, then manipulates the audience in his favor to make it seem like black people are idiots. Unfortunately, there are a few niggers In the audience black and white that plays into his scheme. Steve doesn’t accomplish solutions that will help anyone on his show that’s black, he likes to humiliate and expose the negativity to entertainment his audiences. Steve’s an ex-CHICAGO, cop. I’d like to be a fly on the wall to hear him say nigger a million times under his breath and fabricating false arrest. He’s an undercover racist.



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