Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Celebrities tweet

Who are these muhfuckas tweeting too? Themselves or the fans… And to brag tweeting something you do the majority of the time for pastime like going on helicopter rides for dates nshit. Whereas common folk don’t, what’s the point? Who cares?.
We don’t give ah fuck when you tweet about buying a $1500.00 dollar bottle of cologne… I personally don’t give ah fuck about you tweeting a selfie at a sushi bar, I don’t eat raw fish rolled nshit. Fuck the fact, that you lost twenty thousand making it rain in a strip club… Nigga probably on child support & owe late payments…
It’s not hating celebrities we’re talking about… It’s the thought you being snobby nshit like third graders in a classroom getting to play outside in the sandbox & you gotta watch… So be thankful for everything, not you acting like some ” I got it all muhfucka” and others don’t have shit to eat… That’s all you muhfuckas brag about,”  who got what “… That’s all you CELEBRITIES TWEET.



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