Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

tax that ass season

No shame niggas.Todays niggas are much more relax living off of these young trifling ass women… They take in guys without any intentions of working… These young dudes don’t do shit but play fuckin videos and get blunted till she buy more weed and he’s fuckin her ugly duckling ass… These chicks have low self-esteem… How is it all your life your parents told you to be proud of yourselves and you get old enough to leave the house and get persuaded by a broke ass nigga with no ambition and it’s okay with you women. All you want is a nigga to fuck your nasty ass then say some weak shit you hear daily in the street, knowingly he doesn’t give a fuck about you…
Niggas feel as long you swapping pussy & got that tax money along with a cot and a happy meal… He’ll fuck & sleep with your dumbass during TAX THAT ASS SEASON.



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