Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

People are the government. Vote for ourselves and make changes if you muhfuckas so concern about your communities. We can overrule the rules of government if we wanted too. People are the power. It is power to the people. We have too many home grown underground leadership, uneducated of their own people running their communities. Muhfuckas governing over their community using dictatorship for capital gain and not in the best interest for the people.
Fuck them! We’ll overthrow them greedy muhfuckas and take charge what is to be placed in your community. Let us be the people in control to veto & boycott of our choice.
Don’t be afraid of government we can govern ourselves using their rules to make our own rules. We can legally loop shit, meaning edit what changes need to be changed. The government knows we can take charge. We PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT.




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