Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Oh my…

So, you muhfuckas got issues because I don’t fuck with you… Like a buddy nshit..
Nigga, I am a grown ass man,fuck hanging out getting to drunk nshit, getting high serving no purpose , no productivity, wasting what usage of sanity you niggas thouht you got left… I’m not a gotdamn spring chicken muhfuckas,sitting at home waiting to Snapchat in conference with you stupid ass muhfuckas…
Nigga, what you muhfuckas call fun is stupid shit to me and my peers… We don’t have haze parties swapping partners doing gay shit … Fuck you dysfunctional muhfuckas, anal fucking niggas displaying your ass on sight with shit stain underwear, show casing your pants on the ground… I can see & hear old ladies & men with their faces frown, stressing to refrain from vulgar language, saying



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