Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

N*gga shadow boxing

Shit talking muhfuckas, the muhfuckas that never lose at anything and knows everything more than any nigga could imagine. I get sick and tired of the GONNA DO niggas. The outgoing niggas, the muhfuckas that do the most. He’s that street hard acting muhfucka, the intimidator nshit… Niggas like that, ain’t shit to fuck with because of their bullshit philosophy… listening to street niggas that never had shit or done anything productive in their lives can’t tell me shit.
Niggas like that can’t keep a cardboard box over their heads without the permission from the skid row residents… I see these loud mouths muhfuckas on a daily basis, getting kicked out of soup lines trying to get thirds nshit, after trying to hide their faces with old dirty cow leather gloves as they pass by strolling on the sidewalks in town. But, notice because of the same stench. These niggas still try to act hard nshit… How can a muhfucka still have the audacity to act hard exposing himself, knowingly he smells & other hygienical shit going on? And talking bout kicking a niggas ass over money he doesn’t & never had & tried to show out for muhfuckas that’s struggling too… The only ass kicking he gives is his own, he still can’t determine who ass he’s whooping, cause the NIGGA SHADOW BOXING.




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