Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

F*ck yo couch!

… Inconsiderate, disrespectful muhfuckas will come to your house unannounced, comes in have a seat & change whatever subject was spoken before they enter and does a hostile takeover in your home making themselves more comfortable than you are before offering them a seat…
Niggas don’t give a fuck about nothing & nobody, not even themselves… Muhfuckas wasn’t born on this planet…
What muhfucka that nervy comes to people house and treat their furniture like outside wood logs stacked on two concrete blocks like a patio bench then fart on your property as if it’s okay without thinking to remove their nasty selves from the area… Niggas has no manners nor etiquette…  Trashbaggae muhfuckas!!!  It’s no explanation for their behavior… You ask a nigga to respect your furniture & your residency, they’ll tell you some fucked up shit as if you’re in the wrong.
The only thing a stupid muhfucka has said to you is Nigga, FUCK YO COUCH.



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