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What’s the big deal

This is exactly  the shit I’m talking about… Why do white people make it their business to butt in everybody else’s business when shit isn’t pertaining to them… I’m not stating these facts to be racist nshit. But let the truth be told… Here’s an example:
Two people standing in a line at a local convenience store…
A curious white person walks up with a friendly smile to greet as usual… Then after ear hustling for a few minutes then BAM!!! They all of a sudden invite themselves into your conversation without even a proper introduction and still don’t give a fuck,but continue to comment or voice their opinion on a matter that doesn’t concern them or the other parties  being discussed…
Here’s the kicker with white folks… If you tell one excuse me,they like who the fuck are you & why can’t I butt in your conversation? This how America was taken… I’m just saying, white people or born nosey & unapologetic and will butt in anytrhing they feel they can … They NEVER see anything wrong… And they’ll be the first muhfuckas to say after threatening them to butt out your business… WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL.



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